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Access to the Digital Heaven with the Memoring.

What it is

Nowadays it seems that our smartphones turned into permanent extensions of our arm. We are living in a digital age and this logically changes a lot in our society. However, it may come as a surprise that even death is impacted by digitalisation. In the past, people brought back memories through physical objects of lost ones but in a world that becomes more digitalized by the day, we need to come up with new ways to remember the death.

This is where Dutch Designer Josse Willems comes in with her concept the Memoring. This is a ring with a unique pattern, which you can scan with your phone or tablet. This scan will give you access to the digital heaven where you can find special moments in the lives of someone you’ve lost. 

Why it is Cool

As we are losing interest in possessions, physical memories can easily be lost forever. The Memoring however, uses digitalisation as an opportunity instead of a problem. We spent lots of time online so we leave a remaining digital footprint even after we die. Why not use this data to be remembered forever? We’re not just humans of flesh and blood anymore, we’re also humans of bits and bytes and the Memoring fits right in this development.

Why it has Future Growth Potential

You might not notice it but the digital graveyard is growing insanely fast. Facebook already has 30 million death users and this number is increasing by at least 8.000 people a day. All this data can be easily stored in the Memoring, which creates the opportunity to pass down the ring generation after generation. The children of your children will still know who you are because your digital legacy will live on forever through the ring.

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Name: Aaron de Kievid
Location: Veenendaal, Netherlands